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Century Inn Restaurant
10675 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45215--112

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Century Inn Restaurant/Cafe

Welcome To The Century Inn!

One of the first carriagfe stops in Hamilton County, The Century Inn was built in 1806 by Andrew Van Dyke and was simply called "The Inn". It provided shelter and a change of horses for the coaches, as well as a bed for many a weary traveler. When built it consisted of two rooms and a tavern room above it. It was built of local wood and materials. The bricks for the fireplace were handmade from the clay found in the nearby Mill Creek, and are still in place today. The Inn has been in continuous service since that time, although the needs of the travelers and patrons have changed greatly over the years. During the early years, many a driver taking stock into the Cincinnati stockyards found shelter here. In 1817 the Cincinnati & Hamilton Turnpike Company was established to improve the road between the two cities. As a result, a toll house was built across from the Inn where two cents was charged to pass by. Traffic was intense during the Civil War. Soldiers and merchants and probably a few spies lodged here. At the turn of the century, drummers found rest here as they traveled to the city.

Andrew Van Dyke eventually sold the Inn to William Wiley. He changed the Inn's name to the Farmer's Hotel because of the many farmers who would pass through here on their way to the markets in Cincinnati. In 1871, Mr. Wiley sold the Inn to Paul Hartman, who owned it for a few years, calling it "The Halfway House" as it was halfway between Cincinnati and Hamilton. In 1880 the Inn was sold to a German immigrant, John Arns, who called it the "Old Inn" and later "Wheelman's Rest", as it was a stopping place for bicycle racers or "wheelmen" as they were known, who used to rest there after the long pull uphill from Wyoming.

John Arns passed the Inn to his son Harry in 1906, who changed the name to "Century Inn", since it was 100 years old. Harry added a dairy which supplied Glendale with milk during the 1920s. Harry died in 1938 and the Inn was passed to Harry's son John who ran the Inn from 1938 to 1958. John conveyed ownership to his sister Edith Arns Harris Brownfield. She ran the Inn from 1958 until her son Logan took over in the mid eighties. In the late nineties he sold the business to Steve & Teresa Schuholz who in 2005 sold the business to Ken Anton. In 2012 Greg Ready purchased the Inn and continues to offer great food, casual atmosphere and a piece of Ohio's historic past to his guests.